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KoozArch editor Chiara Dorbolò interviews Mauro Gil-Fournier

A conversation with Mauro Gil-Fournier on his professional practice, his experience designing educational programs and his last most personal book. "Las Casas que me habitan".

01. Pediatric Cancer Center of Barcelona. PCCB proposal for a healing garden at koozarch interview.

Mauro Gil-Fournier’s spatial and educational practice revolves around the necessity of investigating the affects that are behind the choices we make in our lives. He has recently published Las Casas que me Habitan (2022) and has designed his own educational program, Ecologías Afectivas, which he teaches in Spain. In this conversation with Chiara Dorbolò, Mauro talks about actively engaging with the affective aspects of spatial practice and how these can be a key factor in shifting to more ethical, environmentally and socially sustainable ways of working.

"Affective architecture is about

putting affections in territories -

not only in discourse and in narratives,

but in place".

You can read the full interview at Koozarch platform here


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