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Artículo publicado en MONU Magazine nº23

Os presentamos el artículo sobre los ensamblajes urbanos y afectivos que se configuran en Madrid en las prácticas de desahucios como procesos extitucionales. Una investigación realizada en la etapa del Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas junto a ´Esau Acosta y Miguel Jaenicke que podéis encontrar y descargar más abajo. La investigación fue invitada junto con arquitectos como OMA, Andrés Jaque, ROTOR, Enorme Studio, Luis Callejas, Cooking Sections y muchos otros a la Oslo Architecture Bienale After Belonging bajo el título de Hotel Welcome y que podéis encontrar aquí

Imagen de la portada y el artículo del nº23 de Participatory Urbanism.

Talking about participation means always taking into account economics, capitals and resources. Who can participate? How can citizens afford the time and space resources to participate? We prefer to talk about collective processes of empowerment rather than participation. In order to connect the personal and the social spheres, a different analysis of the relations between the public and the domestic spaces is needed. A new collective realm is emerging based on networks opening and distributing domestic practices within the city. These processes are developed as extitutional informal processes around the home, revealing other forms of urban and citizen assemblages in Madrid. Studies on the organization of urban citizens have not developed a system to explain the different modes and processes as a rhizome movement formed around housing. The purpose of this research is to explain and track how they are formed, how they operate in the city, how the action enables trading and how other non-economic capitals are at stake in this process.

This article investigates the different modes which the creation of citizen networks do not only come from public spaces and squares but also from financial negotiations, banks, housing and bodies. A house is no longer an individual, particular and intimate space. That is the main teaching that the Mortgage Citizens´ platform shows us in Madrid. The PAH (platform for people affected by mortgages), which empowers citizens, as well as all the citizen initiatives around the access to housing, perform another type of urbanism through an extitutional process in Madrid.

Visualiza y descarga aquí el artículo

Descargar PDF • 898KB
  • Acosta, Gil-Fournier, Jaencike. “The urban citizens extitucional processes in Madrid”. Participatory Urbanism. MONU Magazine, Nº3, Rotterdam, Octubre, 2015.

Visualiza y descarga aquí el artículo en portugues. Processo Extitucional dos cidadãos urbanos

em Madri. Tradução: Bernardo Neves. Revisão: Thiago Canettieri.

Descargar PDF • 5.52MB

Dirección de investigación: Mauro Gil-Fournier

Co Autores: Esaú Acosta, Miguel Jaenicke

Arquitectos colaboradores: Poli del Canto, Jorge Pizarro, Miguel Cantoral, Paula Mena, Domingo Arancibia, Donovan Theodore Gracias, Amelyn Ng, Juan Luis Pereyra, Raúl Alejandro Pérez, Thiago Pereira, Wala Saoul.


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